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Improving Professionals

Our mission is clear, to improve professionals.

We are a different company and we are simply because we place great emphasis on the well-being and development of our consultants. This is where it all begins for us because it is impossible for us to deliver good results to our clients if we do not have good knowledge of the people we work with.

With us, our consultants are part of our culture and have a lot to say about our common goal of delivering the highest quality in knowledge, commitment, and presence.


We ensure that the customer always gets the right competence in our consultants, since we have many years in the SC profession in leading positions behind us, we can therefore do a very qualitative selection early in the candidate process.


With us, you should feel safe and always get advice that can promote your organization, goals, and results. We have a huge network and we can quickly develop strategies and solutions for your needs.


Time is a key concept in Supply Chain from lead times to inventory turnover speed to deadlines, we live by always keeping our promises of an agreement. Equally important is that the work is carried out in the right way, both efficiently but also correctly.

We are NSC

We are a young company but not afraid of major challenges, we have many years of experience in the Supply Chain and we are confident that we can help shape the future in two areas, how and where companies search for resources, and Supply Chain.



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Mattias Stridsberg

Mattias Stridsberg

Business Developer

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Johanna Stridsberg

Johanna Stridsberg

Business Manager

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We help people and companies to take advantage of the potential, increase commitment, and create sustainable results. We tailor each effort to suit the goal to be achieved.