Covid-19 & Supply Chain

Could it be that Covid forces companies to transform their supply chain model? It has been a rough time, and regarding “secure supply “it puts a lot of effort into the logistics. Companies that have their supplier base from Asia and used to have boat freight which has changed to truck transport. We think that many have achieved this to handle the logistical problem that they never thought was doable. Of course, this has exposed the vulnerabilities of many organizations and being forced to rethink how to secure the supply chain. In some ways, we have been working with efficiency more than before. So, could it actually be the case that we are going out much stronger than before Covid? We think so and we also think that on the purchasing point of view also gets the benefits out of reduced traveling, replace by digital meetings. The physical meeting will always be very important because business is all about relations! A mix of it will definitely benefit the environment as well as give us some cost avoidance.


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